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How Does Autism Get Worse With Age - Helpful Tips For Parents Who Need Answers

does autism get worse with age

How does autism get worse with age? That is one of the most difficult questions for parents to deal with. The answer is probably "not much". There are always exceptions and this is what makes dealing with an autistic child so much different than dealing with another child with normal abilities.

Autism is a spectrum disorder meaning that there is a wide range of behaviors that can be displayed. Those behaviors can go from extremely severe to something so mild that it is hardly noticeable. For some people, being able to handle social situations can be a challenge. For others, it may come down to fine tuning behaviors to be more acceptable to others. One thing is for sure, though. No matter what level of autism a person has, they will require some type of help to be able to function within society.

how to get tested for autism

Parents want to know how do I get tested for autism. The answer is not that difficult. You can go to an Autism Treatment Planning Assessment (ATPA) if your insurance covers it or look into Medicaid which many states do. If you can not afford those resources, there are other sources available.

You can start by keeping a daily journal on yourself. Record how you react to things, what you eat, how you interact with others, how you communicate with them and anything else that might show an indication of an autistic disorder. It can be as simple as a few things but the more you can document, the more clear an understanding you can come to of what is going on. Try to do this daily and on a weekly basis.

A doctor can also help you get a handle on how does autism get worse with age. Sometimes it is a combination of things. Sometimes a diagnosis is made and the child is sent on their way. Other times, they may have a more severe type of autism which requires a different type of intervention. Either way, you need to take the best care of yourself as possible.

There are many ways to help yourself. For one thing, be sure to always have a good support system. You need friends and family who can lean on you if you are having a rough day. Many times, people who do not understand the difficulties that you are going through can become defensive and can really upset you at times. You want to have people who will accept you and understand you.

how does autism getting worse with age

You can learn how does autism get worse with age in a self-help oriented book like "Just My Number" by Richard F. Mackler. This book focuses on getting the proper diagnosis and treatments. It gives you the right information so that you can decide if you need to seek treatment or if there is hope for you to continue to live a normal life. The book also gives many ideas on how to deal with social situations and how to get along with peers.

As the saying goes, "A baby is a wonderful baby." Your child may even be a delightful specimen of age. However, they can still be affected by autism. Autism can get in the way of doing the ordinary things. It can limit how far you will go in life. If you feel that your child might have an autism spectrum disorder, see your doctor as soon as possible.

You can help your child with a few simple steps. Getting a full evaluation is vital to getting the proper help for your child. There is no cure for autism. The drugs available will only treat the symptoms. The underlying cause must be treated.

Your child can be made to do certain tasks to be better able to function in society. For example, they can be taught to use hand signals to indicate which way they are turning. Teaching them to get their homework done is another positive step. They can be given the right materials to read ahead of time. A trip to the grocery store can be planned early on so that they are not left out. Some autism programs are even designed to eliminate some of the routines associated with the disorder.

best solution to prevent autism

The best solution is to prevent autism. Preventing autism is the only way to keep your child from having to deal with the social issues associated with it. By working with a qualified professional, you can give your child a fighting chance and get rid of autism. Getting a full diagnosis before you ask your doctor how does autism get worse with age, can help you make a proper plan to make your child more socially active at all ages.

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How Does Autism Get Worse With Age - Helpful Tips For Parents Who Need Answers

How does autism get worse with age? That is one of the most difficult questions for parents to deal with. The answer is probably "not ...